We Repair Sewer Systems

  • Roots grown into a sewer line
  • Locating the side sewer
  • Excavating the ground
  • Repairing the sewer line
  • SDR Sewer Pipe on the truck
  • Filling in the ditch
  • Compacting the ditch for the new sewer pipe

You never know what's underground

When your sewer infrastructure is damaged, you need more than a plumber who will simply unclog a pipe, you need a sewer repair contractor with the knowledge and equipment to carefully dig up and replace the pipes and do it within city or county guidelines.

The most common issues with clogged pipes is root infiltration to clay and concrete pipes. We also see plenty of failing Orangeberg pipe that simply, reaches a point of collapse. A damaged pipe can allow sewage to leach into the ground, contaminating the ground and soil around the fault, which is obviously not a very good thing to have - especially if you have a garden nearby.

Sewer Repair | Before and After

Moving Earth's professionals have seen it all and will replace your failed side sewer pipe with Modern SDR pipe, AKA "root impenetrable" pipes; and we backfill with sand bedding for proper grade control. You will be pleased with the final result which will provide you with worry free sewer flow to the city system.

Below is another example of a clay line that has been penetrated by roots over the years, as well as another example of how antiquated some of the systems are here on the Olympic Peninsula. No wonder why the sink and toilets were so slow to drain.

Clogged sewer line

The City of Port Townsend alone has over 77 miles of sewage lines, some of which are over 100 years old and very much in need of a proper sewer repair. As nice as it is to live in a historical area, a historical infrastructure comes with the territory. Moving Earth serves all of Jefferson County as well as Kitsap County, so give us a so we can help to diagnose your situation and we'll have your lines running free and clear in no time at all.

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